Mukambi Kafue Family Villa



Mukambi Safari Lodge

Our main lodge, Mukambi Safari Lodge, is situated right on the banks of the Kafue River, with direct access to the Kafue National Park. The lodge consists of comfortable en-suite chalets and a luxurious riverside villa with a private riverside deck, as well as four luxury classic safari tents, all overlooking the river. All-in-all, Mukambi has 32 beds.  Centrally located is our Boma (Restaurant/bar), the  swimming-pool, as well as several decks that also have spectacular views of the river. Mukambi is famous for its excellent cuisine, friendly staff and highly experienced rangers.

A typical day at Mukambi Safari Lodge starts at 5.30 a.m. for an early-morning game-drive. Our rangers will drive you through the park, always looking for close game-encounters, and with an excellent chance of getting eye-to-eye with elephants, lions and many other game-species. After returning to Mukambi, a full English breakfast will be served.

During the remainder of the day, you’ll find the time to settle back and relax, dive into the pool, indulge in a massage and be looked after in the true tradition of the friendly people of Zambia. After lunch, we leave for the evening game-drive at 5.00 p.m., where you’ll enjoy the famous African sunset with the typical sundowner in the middle of the bush. Upon returning to the Safari Lodge, we’ll gladly serve you drinks at our camp-fire before dinner. Since the lodge is not fenced, game might be ‘at your doorstep’ and we will always accompany you to your chalet or tent at night. Safe in your comfortable chalet or tent, you’ll enjoy the typical sounds of the bush.

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Mukambi Plains Camp

Our seasonal bushcamp, open from July-November, is situated deep in the heart of the famous Busanga Plains, a stunning and unique wetland area (recently cited as one of the top 10 ‘secret gems’ of Africa, in Getaway Magazine).  The Plains Camp is an exciting six hour drive from Mukambi Safari Lodge through the Kafue National Park. A trip to the Busanga Plains brings you back to the days when a safari was an exciting trip to reach your destination. Every journey called calls for a sense of adventure, a desire to explore the unknown.

The camp is built in the spirit of Karen Blixen famous words: “If there was one thing I could do again, it would be to go on safari”. You can be one of the few to experience the unique remoteness of The Mukambi Plains Camp. Join us on an old-fashioned authentic safari.

Our tented camp lies in an area so remote that although famous for insiders, only a few people have discovered the Busanga Plains It is only accessible four months a year. Here lions and cheetahs prey on animals such as wildebeest, roan and buffalo to name a few. Lechwe and puku graze on the central swamps while the shy sitatunga hides in the papyrus reeds. Crowned and wattled cranes, secretary birds and ground hornbills stalk the grasslands whose openness is interrupted only by tree studded islands. Here ancient fig trees (the famous One Fig) and palms draw their nutrients from giant termite hills. It is a landscape so distinctive, like no other you will see in Africa. The camp is small and intimate.  It consists of only four expansive safari tents with en-suite open air bathrooms and a raised central area or boma, overlooking the Busanga Plains.

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Sustainable Tourism

Although everybody is trying to go green these days, some operators are doing this in response to popular demand. It should be coming from a real desire to make a change in the area they are operating, reducing their carbon footprint and by helping the local communities.

Mukambi Safari Lodge is very proud on what we have accomplished so far.

Lonely Planet has selected Mukambi Safari Lodge as one of the few lodges in Zambia that demonstrates an active responsible tourism policy.


This is done in several areas. We will mention a few.

  • Use of renewable energy: Although we offer 24 hours a day electricity to our guests, this is a challenge since we are 120 kilometres from the nearest by power grid. We use solar technology with a battery bank to accomplish this. With this technology we only run a generator for 4 hours a day and are still able to offer 24/7 hours electricity.
  • Support of education: 95% of the Mukambi Staff comes from the local communities surrounding Kafue National Park. We started the Mukambi community school with the aim to give our staff both adult education and to provide education for the local communities in an area where no good school exists. The results have been spectacular. We now have 3 teachers in permanent employment at the Mukambi community school, 70 children go to school and all our staff and family members have access to education.
  • Support of local communities: Mukambi Safari Lodge proudly supports the chieftainess of our area with farming inputs and farming tools like ploughs and oxen. Direct employment is offered to over 50 staff members on a permanent contract basis.
  • Eco friendly: Mukambi uses as much as possible local farmed produce, local building materials and local contracts to stimulate development in the area.
  • Conservation: Mukambi Safari Lodge is active in the conservation of Kafue National Park. Our managing director is the chairman of the Kafue Park Operator Association and work closely together with the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to stop the poaching and other conservation goals in Kafue National Park.